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Supply Of Flex Space To Expand In 2018


Flexible space stock growth in Vietnam from 2014 - 2017


Flexible space in Vietnam totaled as of 1Q2018


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Tech firms may occupy up to a quarter of office space in SEA by 2030

As Southeast Asian economies expand, office demand from technology, e-commerce, and co-working space companies, is expected to rise.
  • Trang Bui

    Trang Bui     

    Head of Markets, Vietnam

    Trang has over 12 years experience in the property industry&project investment related business in Vietnam. She is leading the Retail/Office/Industrial Consultancy&Leasing, strengthening the existing competitive advantage of Tenant & Landlord Representative through the global network of the organization.

    Served Clients: ExxonMobil, Phillip Morris, Akzo Nobel, Kimberly Clark, Johnson&Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sumitomo, BTMU, GlaxoSmithKline, ANZ, MSD, P&G, Cisco, Phillips, Deutsche Bank,etc

  • Van Nguyen

    Van Nguyen    

    Director, Hanoi

    Van has over 8 years experience in property industry and leasing services with strong background in Tenant Representation. She keeps relationships with clients and identifying companies seeking expansion, relocation and pre-termination of office space. She has experience to work with both international and local firms, to provide services for office, retail & industrial space.

    Major clients: ANZ, Misumi, BASF, GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi-Aventis, BP Castro, Shell, Huawei Technologies, etc

  • “From the process we work with JLL, our team Boehring Ingelheim learnt great deal about the market as well as about real estate game and we have a successful project.”

    Stephen Walter, Country General Manager

    Boehringer Ingelheim

  • “JLL today is delivering a very predictable and consistent service level, also showing strong focus on continuing improvement. Every time we have new services added to the contract, there is a very fast going cycle becoming very quickly part of the business as usual.”

    Fabian Aguilar Leiton, Corporate Services Director

    Intel Vietnam

  • “We have found the services that JLL provides to be technically proficient and professional at all times, with thorough research, methodical and incisive narrative of the market and the subject property.”

    Nguyen Thanh Su, General Director

    Nguyen Kim Group